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Who We Are

Inflection Growth is a new type of solution for scaling an e-commerce brand. Through years of experience growing businesses, we’ve learned that the marketing team needed to initially scale the business is vastly different from the team needed at later stages of the company. 

Inflection Growth was created as a turn-key solution to growth marketing that allows you to be efficient with costs and scale in order to reach the next inflection point. We are a plug-in all star marketing team that is able to execute all (or some) of the necessary marketing functions, while integrating seamlessly into your business as a built-in marketing team.

What We do

Performance marketing

Brand strategy

Creative execution And strategy

Marketing analytics tech stack and reporting

Web/Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategic Investment and Advisory

The Problem

After years of running both in-house marketing teams and managing marketing agencies, a huge gap became apparent for all of the companies we worked with: There was no good solution to scaling marketing early in the business. Building an in-house marketing team with limited resources and know-how is difficult and expensive. 

On the other side, hiring an agency is expensive and inefficient, plus the agency has no skin in the game and won’t understand the brand like a team member would. Each company we have been a part of or worked with will usually run into one or more of the following issues:

In-House Problems

Agency Problems

The Solution

Why is there no middle ground? Inflection Growth is not an agency nor an employee. We are an injectable marketing team that partners with companies to help them reach their inflection point of growth. Rather than paying an agency or trying to hire a robust team, we have an experienced team that integrates into the company as a partner and works alongside you as if we were a hired CMO + team. The way we partner is through how the engagement works. We will give a discount on services in exchange for equity and will ideally also invest in the company as well. This way we have the potential to be equal parts employee, partner, and investor.

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